"Complete Chaos and Out of Control"

By Heather Mac Donald, City Journal - September 10, 2015

As the New York Police Department was bracing itself last week for the annual bloodbath that is the West Indian American Day Parade, a sergeant described to me the instructions from top brass for policing both the parade and the all-night party the night before known as J’ouvert. “We are told,” she said: “‘Take glass bottles from people if they are drinking alcohol in public, and break the bottles so they can’t be thrown at us later. But if they are drinking from plastic, let it go. If they are smoking weed in public, let it go.’ J’ouvert [in particular] is where we are told not to do anything to cause a riot. There is very little enforcement going on, especially compared to the strict enforcement of public drinking at the St. Patrick’s Day and Columbus Day parades.”

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