Why Is The DNC Afraid of More Debates?

By H.A. Goodman, Huffington Post - September 5, 2015

According to Ed Rogers of The Washington Post, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz's "desire to hang onto some semblance of power" has resulted in a limited debate format for Democrats in 2016. In a recent piece titled The Insiders: Watching Debbie Wasserman Schultz grovel is painful, Rogers explains why establishment Democrats have decided to protect Hillary Clinton from a prolonged debate format:

This is Washington machine politics at its best -- or maybe its worst. In a year when others are struggling to distance themselves from Washington and politics as usual, Team Clinton is doing what they do best and engaging in blatant, self-serving manipulation...

As I've written before, the Clinton campaign is one that has to avoid crowds and the media, and the latter obviously includes live debates with opponents. Letting Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz prove her loyalty as a fixer is consistent with the predictable Clintonian modus operandi, even if it is misguided.

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