What Cops Really Think About de Blasio

By Paul Bacon, New York Observer - September 2, 2015

Almost everywhere I went as a beat cop in South Harlem, I felt welcome.

I joined the NYPD right after the September 11th attacks, which had changed how many people viewed police. Thanks to 60 officers who sacrificed their lives in a desperate bid to save people from the burning World Trade Center, New Yorkers started seeing their cops as protectors rather than “pigs.” Flower-strewn tributes to fallen cops sprouted up on sidewalks. NYPD baseball caps became popular, if unlikely, fashion accessories. People who might normally consider me an oppressor for roaming the hallways of their buildings in uniform thanked me for making their homes safer. At the same time, violent crime in New York was in decline, reinforcing the perception of cops as heroic public servants.

Now, almost 14 years later, some cops feel as if public opinion has turned against them.

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