Nation's Worst Attorney General Says Bye

By John Fund & Hans von Spakovsky, National Review - April 25, 2015

Attorneys general are obligated to enforce the law in an objective, unbiased, and non-political manner. They must demonstrate the highest regard for the best interests of the public and for their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States. Prior attorneys general of both political parties — Benjamin Civiletti, Griffin Bell, Ed Meese, Michael Mukasey — have fulfilled that duty to the highest ethical and professional standards. But not Eric Holder. He has put the interests of his political boss ahead of the administration of justice. When President Obama bent, broke, changed, or rewrote the law, the person at his side advising him how to do it was Eric Holder. All the while, he maintained a façade of respect for the rule of law, something for which he and the president have at times demonstrated utter contempt. 

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