Paul Ryan on How to Help the Poor

By Christian Schneider, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel - August 24, 2014

On the day Paul Davis Ryan was born, the small town of Janesville was abuzz with activity. Mrs. Ellen Thieler of Milton was awarded $51 by her weekly TOPS weight loss group for having lost 51.5 pounds during the year. (She was granted a maroon cape, bouquet of roses and, of course, a three-tiered foam rubber cake.)

The same day, a meeting of 25 men was held at a neighboring county's sheriff's department to deliberate setting up a Big Brother program. They noted that the year before, Janesville residents had donated $6,000 to start a program to help fatherless young men. (Participation was limited to men over 21 with "general moral character" and "stability.") Later that night, the Rotary Club met to hear a presentation on a slate of new federal tax changes that recently had taken effect.

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