Does Steve Scalise Hate His Caucus?

By Mickey Kaus, The Daily Caller - August 7, 2014

… or is it just his adviser who does? A day ago, Politico reported that incoming House GOP whip Rep. Steve Scalise uses the services of a Washington lobbyist, John Feehery, to help vet potential staffers. Ethical concerns were raised! (E.g.,  would Feehery, a former leadership aide, help hire people who would then owe him [duh] and maybe  help him gain access for his clients?)  A “non-story,” tweeted a New York Times reporter. But the real story was buried on Feehery’s blog. Scalise, it seems, has sought out the counsel of someone filled with a sophomoric rage against the Tea Party faction that forms one backbone of the GOP caucus Scalise aspires to help lead.  Here’s a passage from Feehery’s blog post,”The Tea Party Must Be Crushed” (I’m afraid the title gives it away):

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