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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

In Ark., Obama Is a 4-Letter Word Hampering Dems - Ron Fournier, NJ
The Liberals' Defense Counsel - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
How Can Obamacare Not Be Repealed? - Jeffrey Anderson, Weekly Standard
In Georgia Primary, GOP Fray Could Take Toll - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
Mounting Danger Signs for Democrats - Alexander Burns, Politico
A Dishonest Rewrite of the Duke Lacrosse Case - Dorothy Rabinowitz, WSJ
How Libertarians Get Constitution Wrong - Cass Sunstein, New Republic
Wait Listed Till You Die: Lessons of the VA Scandal - John Fund, NRO
Is This the Democrats' War on Women? - Patricia Murphy, The Daily Beast
Rising Oceans Will Be Unstoppable - Carl Safina, CNN
Science Has Become Blind to Green Bias - Sarah Knapton, Daily Telegraph
Poverty Is Not a State of Mind - Charles Blow, New York Times
Thomas Piketty's "Le Capital" - James Piereson, The American Spectator
Who's Afraid of Free Speech? Not Universities - James Goldgeier, Politico
Why the "Check Your Privilege" Crowd Won't Win - John Allen Gay, TNI
India's Modi Is the Opposite of PC Obama - Tunku Varadarajan, Daily Beast
Dear Jill: From One Pushy Media Dame to Another - Kara Swisher, Re/code

RealClearPolitics Afternoon Edition

We Must Prepare Now for Climate Change - Danny Vinik, The New Republic
The 97 Percent Climate Consensus Canard - Steven Hayward, Power Line
60 Years After Brown, Integration Is Falling Apart - Donna Brazile, CNN
Can Dems Keep Pandering to the Minority Vote? - Joel Kotkin, OC Register
Why Democrats Want to Run Against Jeb Bush - Peter Beinart, Atlantic
The Smarter Way to Provide Health Care for Poor - Gov. Mike Pence, WSJ
Editor's Exit at The Times Puts Tensions on Display - David Carr, NYT
Most People Don't Care About NYT's PR Disaster - Russ Smith, Splice Today
Racism Is Far More Than Old White Men - Gary Younge, The Guardian
Black Americans Are Worse Off Under Obama - Deroy Murdock, NRO
DNC Chair: Softball for a Cause - Bevan & Huey-Burns, Changing Lanes

RealClearPolitics Editorials

Get Ready for Insurer Bailouts Under Obamacare - Washington Examiner
Va. Republicans' Lonely Medicaid Stand - Washington Post
Leading Universities Are Smug and Speechless - New York Daily News
The Modi Era Begins in India - The Economist