San Francisco Democrats Finally Rule the Roost

By Erick Erickson, Red State - March 20, 2014

The San Francisco Democrats in 1984 included the Lt. Governor Massachusetts who, that year, would be elected to the Senate — John F. Kerry. Within months of taking his Senate seat, Kerry and Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa would head to Nicaragua and help the Soviet backed Daniel Ortega. Through Kerry’s efforts, the House of Representatives scuttled funding the Western backed Contras. The Soviet Union then poured money in to help Oretega’s Sandinistas. The San Francisco Democrats who blame America first are now in charge of our foreign policy. The outcome is as Kirkpatrick saw. The San Francisco Democrats put their head in the sand, blame America first, and foreign powers smelling weakness and unseriousness begin plotting. The San Francisco Democrats have ignored the timeless truths of Ronald Reagan’s “Bear in the Woods” ad. In their childish superiority, they think it all jingoistic nonsense.

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