Will Incompetence and Lies Doom Health Law?

By Ron Fournier, National Journal - November 4, 2013

Insularity, incompetence and deception doomed the launch of the Affordable Care Act, according to post-mortems on President Obama's health insurance law. The president now has two choices: (a) Accept the verdict and learn from it, or (b) stick with insularity, incompetence and deception.

Early signs point to Obama compounding rather than correcting his team's errors.

Staying the course is a losing option for Obamacare and the over 40 million Americans who need health insurance.  The trouble is far deeper than a "glitchy" website, according to numerous media reports, including an in-depth investigation by the Washington Post. Among other things, the Post uncovered a 2010 memo from a trusted outside health adviser warning that no one in the administration was "up to the task" of constructing an insurance exchange and other complexities of the 2,000-page law.

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