Big Differences Between Trayvon, Chris Lane Cases

By Jonathan Hicks, BET - August 24, 2013

Already, the event has been used by conservative pundits, who have complained that civil rights activists such as the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson operate under a double standard, since they have called for no protests in this episode where the victim is white and two of the three assailants are African-American. They complain that the civil rights community was quick to condemn George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin and not the three teenagers in the killing of Christopher Lane. There are some stark differences. In the Oklahoma case, the suspects were apprehended quickly, unlike Zimmerman, who walked as a free man for weeks after the death of Trayvon Martin. In fact, James Francis Edwards Jr., 15, and Chancey Allen Luna, 16, were quickly charged with murder. The third teenager, Michael Dewayne Jones, 17, was charged with being an accessory to murder after the fact and with firing a weapon. All were charged as adults, according to the Stephens County District Attorney’s Office.

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