The Vanishing Republican Voter

By Joan Walsh, Salon - July 24, 2013

With the media blaring that his approval rating is at its lowest point since the August 2011 debt-ceiling debacle, President Obama is headed to Knox College for a fiery speech on the economy he hopes will revive his political fortunes the way his turn to populism did two years. We’ll see. But one thing is getting almost no attention in the most recent round of polls: the number of Americans identifying themselves as Republicans is in remarkable decline.

The National Memo’s Jason Settler broke it down Wednesday morning, with one of Huffington Post’s Poll Tracker charts: the percentage of voters calling themselves Republicans has dropped by more than 20 percent just since the 2012 election, from 29.2 percent to 23.4 percent last week. By contrast, Democratic voter ID dropped from 35.5 to 33.9 percent in the same period.

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