Obama's War on Small Business

By Conn Carroll, Washington Examiner - January 27, 2013

President Obama's second term isn't even a week old, and already Washington is eagerly analyzing the fight to find his successor.

Politico's Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman recently handicapped the Democratic field, writing: "Almost as soon as the echo of Obama's inaugural address fades and he instantly becomes a lame duck, Democrats are going to have to face a central and unresolved question about their political identity: Will they become a center-left, DLC-by-a-different-name party or return to a populist, left-leaning approach? ... Democrats must decide whether they want to be principally known as the party of Rahm Emanuel or the party of Elizabeth Warren."

Can't they be both? The New Republic's William Galston thinks Democrats can. First, he accurately describes a very real "civil war" occurring in the business community between big corporations and small businesses: "Corporations have sizeable cash flows and access to credit markets, which gives them a cushion against adversity and added costs; small businesses often operate much closer to the margin and are acutely sensitive to policies that threaten to drive up costs. Corporate CEOs can hire experts to help them cope with added regulatory burdens and can spread the costs over a large workforce; small business owners must deal with these burdens by themselves and have few ways [to] dilute their impact."

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