Iconoclastic Jerry Brown Goes Back to Square One

By Ron Brownstein, National Journal - January 18, 2013

Toward the end of our interview just before Christmas, his wife, Anne Gust (accompanied by their ubiquitous dog, Sutter), came over to the table where we were talking in a small hideaway office Brown maintains here. She placed before him a class picture from his elementary school that she had found in a box of old papers.

Brown scanned the picture and then dispensed rapid-fire judgments. "That was the cute girl," he said pointing at one. Then he named four other girls. "She didn't look as cute yet," he said about another. His wife listened and then asked archly, "Any of the boys you remember?" Brown rattled off four names of boys he knew almost seven decades ago, while his wife and I looked on, dumbfounded. "I think that's first grade," Brown said, before gaining confidence. "That's first grade." 

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