Obama & Dems Are Acting Responsibly. GOP Is Not

By Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic - December 27, 2012

Howard Schultz is frustrated. So am I. But Schultz is frustrated that the two parties can’t come to an agreement about fiscal policy. I’m frustrated that Schultz still thinks the two parties are equally to blame for the impasse. And I’m frustrated that Schultz isn’t the only one who thinks that way.

Schultz, as you may know, is the CEO of Starbucks Coffee. He appears to be one of the good guys in corporate America and he treats his employees well, by, among other things, providing even part-timers with health insurance. But he's become obsessed with bipartisanship and the need for more of it. His latest effort in the campaign came on Wednesday, when he instructed baristas all over Washington to write the phrase “come together” on every cup of coffee they sold. He wasn’t thinking about the Beatles song.

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