God and Man and William F. Buckley

By Jeremy Lott, Catholic Thing - November 25, 2012

After the walloping Republicans took in the 2012 elections, my first printable thought was, “Man, where is William F. Buckley when you need him?” The likely answer to that question is “in Heaven” or at least well on his way through Purgatory. If he were still with us, he would turn eighty-seven today. In life, Buckley’s political adversaries regularly slandered the man about as readily as they use his name now to bash conservatives. (Sample title, from just this week in the Politico newspaper: “Conservatives at a Crossroads: Harold Hill vs. William F. Buckley.”) Yet to those people who knew him, Buckley’s work on behalf of countless others added up to a kind of rough and tumble, vulgar saintliness.

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