Central Florida's Corridor of Power

By Harold Meyerson, The American Prospect - October 27, 2012

The elderly gentleman, who, like hundreds of thousands of new Florida voters, had migrated from Puerto Rico to the Orlando metropolitan area, excused himself, returned carrying a machete and proceeded to hack the snake not entirely to death. “The machete was too dull,” says López, shaking his head. “He ended up just beating that poor snake to death with that thing.”

“Old Puerto Ricans,” López sighs. He’s a Cuban-American himself, born and raised in New York’s Washington Heights, but he’s followed the geographic and political trajectory of New York’s very liberal Puerto Rican (or Nuyorican, as it’s come to be called) community, which has seen tens of thousands of its members move to the fast-growing I-4 corridor in central Florida over the past decade. Add these migrants from the North to the migrants from the South, and you have the reason why President Obama won Florida in 2008, and might just win it again this November.

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