Obama's Best Debate - Ever

By Steve Kornacki, Salon - October 17, 2012

Barack Obama participated in a few debates during his 2004 U.S. Senate campaign and many, many more when he sought the presidency four years ago. His performance in these forums ranged from competent to forgettable to disappointing. There was also the debacle in Denver two weeks back.  And then came last night, when Americans were introduced to a debate version of Obama they’d never before seen — a crisp, focused assertive president who refused to let his opponent’s critiques go unchallenged, answering them with forceful, orderly and digestible explanations. It was easily the best debate performance Obama has ever delivered — and I say this as someone who’s been a bit critical of him in the past.

But as strong as it was, it doesn’t necessarily follow that what Obama did at Hofstra will place him back in the driver’s seat he enjoyed just a few weeks ago, or if it will do anything to cut into the gains that Mitt Romney has made this month.

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