A Failed Governor Talks Up a Failed President

By Shikha Dalmia, Reason - September 9, 2012

If I were Jennifer Granholm, I'd crawl under the desk and not come out for a good, long while. Her performance last night at the Democratic convention was so bizarre that an amused and bemused Nolan Finley of The Detroit News speculated that she was either possessed by the ghost of Joe Biden -- "or maybe she had a squirrel up her pant leg." Cartoonist Henry Payne, editor of Michigan View, thought that maybe she was channeling "Arsenio Hall on crack." Me? I think she got drunk on her own clever lines. (Her quip that "Mitt Romney's cars take the elevator and workers get the shaft" was admittedly a hoot.)

But even more bizarre than Granholm's convention appearance was that she was invited to make one in the first place. She was arguably the worst governor of her time who, during her eight-year term, took Michigan's teetering economy into her firm hands and gave it a good, hard push off the cliff.

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