September 5 White House Press Gaggle

By The White House, The White House - September 5, 2012

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Office of the Press Secretary

Aboard Air Force One En Route Charlotte, North Carolina

2:25 P.M. EDT

MR. CARNEY:  Welcome aboard Air Force One as we make our way to Charlotte, North Carolina.  So happy to have you.  I have no announcements.

MS. PSAKI:  As I did yesterday, I’m just going to tick through the speakers for the evening so you all have that fresh. So now you’ll hear from the CEO of Carmax and the CEO of Costco. They’ll talk about the need to not only unleash the power of our entrepreneurs and small businesses, but also invest in things that can help them succeed.  You’ll also hear from former employees of companies controlled by Romney’s Bain Capital who will speak to the impact of his business experience on workers and families. 

You’ll hear from Congressman Chris Van Hollen.  Elizabeth Warren will talk about what President Obama has done to make sure that Wall Street plays by the same rules as Main Street and what would happen if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had their way.  And finally, I know you’ve heard this, but you’ll from President Clinton this evening who will take the stage to talk about what the President has done to help the nation recover from the worst economic crisis ever handed to a new President and what he’s doing to create an economy built to last.

Finally, one thing you won’t hear is -- but you may have heard from the Romney-Ryan team today -- is a statement -- a comment by Paul Ryan that "the nation is in decline."  So what a pessimistic comment to come from the Republican ticket at a time when we’re continuing to recover.  More work needs to be done, but you’ll hear much more from the Democratic speakers tonight and tomorrow about what we need to do moving forward than that kind of pessimistic language.

MR. CARNEY:  I wanted to note if you hadn’t seen it already that to help meet the growing humanitarian need caused by the violence in Syria, U.S. Agency for International Development Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah announced today in Jordan that the United States is providing an additional $21 million to the United Nations World Food Program.  With this new assistance the United States is providing a total of more than $100 million for humanitarian activities both inside Syria and in neighboring countries.

Now, we’ll take your questions.

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