Is Bill Gates Really Doing Good Around the World?

By Mic Wright, Kernel - July 18, 2012

Steve Jobs throttled Apple’s charitable giving when he returned to the company in 1997. Apple was close to collapse and he didn’t feel that it should be expending resources on anything but its core business concerns. It’s a move that many who compare the Apple boss with his long-time nemesis Bill Gates bring up. “Look!” they say. “Jobs was a swine and Bill’s a legend helping Africa with his billions.”

But let’s look more closely. Firstly, where did the vast wealth Gates can now benevolently spread around the globe come from? Microsoft: one of the most rapacious commercial entities of the late twentieth century. If there is any model that Gates looked to when assembling his leadership style at Microsoft, it was that of a nineteenth century robber baron. He was masterful at out-manoeuvring rivals, cutting them out of markets and turning Windows into the de facto standard operating system for offices worldwide.


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