June 1 White House Press Briefing

By The White House, The White House - June 1, 2012

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The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

Aboard Air Force One En Route Minneapolis, Minnesota   

10:35 A.M. EDT

MR. EARNEST:  We're glad that all of you made it this morning for the trip for this busy day ahead in our nation's heartland.  I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am. I have a couple of announcements before we get started -- one that I hope will anticipate a few questions that you may have already this morning.

The first thing is as you may have seen, the President spent some time with Congressman Rothman at the White House today.  Congressman Rothman is a longtime friend and longtime supporter of President Obama.  The two of them have worked together on a variety of the President's priorities.  These are priorities that I know Congressman Rothman shares, including things like cutting taxes for small businesses who want to grow their jobs -- who want to grow their businesses and create jobs, standing up for middle-class families and cutting taxes for middle-class families, protecting Social Security and Medicare. 

These are priorities that the President and Congressman Rothman share.  They've worked on them together extensively in Washington, and the President was pleased to have the opportunity to spend a little time with him at the White House today.

The second thing, on Thursday, June 14th, the President will visit the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's World Trade Center site, where he'll receive a briefing on construction progress.  The visit will be a preview of the One World Trade Center topping-off ceremony, which will symbolize the near-completion of the iconic building's framework.  So, again, that's June 14th.

And then, lastly, a little bit about the President's activities today.  The President is traveling to Minnesota today to continue talking about his "To-Do" list for Congress, which is composed of bipartisan policies that if passed would help the economy and offer much needed support to middle-class families.  The item the President will highlight today is a proposal to put our veterans back to work, protecting and preserving our country. He'll also discuss the success of the Joining Forces initiative to encourage private sector companies to hire veterans, something that Honeywell -- the company that we're visiting today -- has done with great success.

And finally, to further this goal, the President has directed the Department of Defense to form a task force that will help veterans with solid skills from their military service get the credentials they need to get work in the private sector.  There are highly technical manufacturing jobs that are available and military veterans who fought for our country overseas shouldn’t have to fight for those good jobs when they get back home.

So you'll hear the President talk about this a little bit.  He's going to do a tour of the Honeywell facility and then will deliver some remarks.

So, with that, I'll take your questions.

Q    Josh, but anemic job numbers today.  Does the President think that his "To-Do" list is a powerful enough weapon to turn those numbers around?

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