Guest: Senator Frank Lautenberg

By The Ed Show, The Ed Show - April 10, 2012

Guests: Mike Papantonio, Dan Gelber, John Butchko, Joan Walsh, Richard Wolffe, Daryl Parks, Sen. Frank Lautenberg

ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Good evening, Americans. And welcome to THE ED SHOW tonight, from New York.

A huge new development in the Trayvon Martin case. George Zimmerman`s attorneys, they have quit the case and they say they`ve lost contact with the shooter. Zimmerman isn`t talking to his attorneys, but you won`t believe who he is talking to.

This is THE ED SHOW -- let`s get to work.


CRAIG SONNER, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: As of now, we are withdrawing as counsel for Mr. Zimmerman. We`ve lost contact with him.

SCHULTZ (voice-over): George Zimmerman`s attorneys are out. Sean Hannity is in.

HAL UHRIG, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: We learned that he had called Sean Hannity of FOX News directly.

SCHULTZ: We`ll have all the latest on the bizarre turn in the Trayvon Martin case.



SCHULTZ: The president lets loose on the Buffett Rule.

OBAMA: Do we give another $50,000 in tax breaks to every millionaire and billionaire in the country?


SCHULTZ: And today, Republicans dusted off W. to provide the response.

GEORGE W. BUSH, FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT: If you raise taxes on the so-called rich, you`re really raising taxes on the job creators.

SCHULTZ: Joan Walsh on the president`s hard-hitting speech in Florida and Richard Wolffe on the return of George W. Bush.

BUSH: What I don`t like to do is being beaten on a mountain bike ride by a one-legged veteran.

SCHULTZ: The bully from Jersey gets caught deceiving the public. Senator Frank Lautenberg says he`s got the goods on the governor, and he`s here tonight.

Rick Santorum is cutting and running, but not before he trashed the party.

RICK SANTORUM (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Imagine, had Mitt Romney been around at the time that we were drafting our Constitution. He`d have just shaken it and shook it up after it was approved to rewrite it.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight, folks. Thanks for watching.

The word is "bizarre" -- a very bizarre twist in the Trayvon Martin case. The shooter, George Zimmerman, has gone rogue and his lawyers have had enough. Late today, they cut ties with their client.


SONNER: As of now, we are withdrawing as counsel for Mr. Zimmerman. We`ve lost contact with him. Up to this point, we`ve had contact every day. He has gone on his own. I`m not sure what he`s doing or who he`s talking to. But at this point, we`re withdrawing as counsel.

UHRIG: It`s not so much that we`re resigning. We`re just announcing to you that we can no longer represent him, until such time as he may come forward and ask for that help more formally and in a different context than we`ve had so far.


SCHULTZ: Not only has Zimmerman stopped responding to his attorneys, they don`t even know where he is. They said he`s still in the United States, but apparently he`s not in Florida anymore.


UHRIG: So I will not tell you where George Zimmerman is, because I don`t know. But for those who were engaged in the late Easter egg hunt looking for him, they can stop looking in Florida. Look much further away than that.

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