March 1 White House Press Gaggle

By The White House, The White House - March 1, 2012

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Aboard Air Force One En Route Nashua, New Hampshire   

11:23 A.M. EST

MR. CARNEY:  Well, welcome aboard Air Force One as we make our way from sunny, warm Washington, D.C. to snowy, cold Nashua, New Hampshire. 

The President looks forward to the event today where he will discuss again his all-of-the-above approach to our energy security.  And I'll save the specifics for the speech itself, but he will talk about what's been accomplished so far in increasing our production of fossil fuels in the United States, reducing our dependency on foreign imports, diversifying our sources of energy, and investing in alternative energy sources.  He will also call on Congress to take action on energy policy. 

And with that, I will take your questions.

Q    How is this going to be different from what he did in Florida?  Are there going to be any new initiatives that the President is going to be unveiling today?

MR. CARNEY:  There will be a new element to the speech today, certainly.  But I'll let you listen and decide when you hear it.

Q    Is the President considering taking that $4 billion that he's proposed, that you take away the credits for oil and gas companies -- providing it as a direct rebate to consumers?

MR. CARNEY:  Again, I don't have any pre-announcements to make about what the President will say today.  You do bring up an interesting point, which is that despite the fact that we have very high prices at the pump that are very difficult for Americans, despite the fact that oil companies are enjoying again near-record profits, we are still subsidizing oil companies to the tune of $4 billion annually.  The President has longed believed that that is unnecessary and something we can't afford.

Q    So no plans to take that $4 billion and direct it --

MR. CARNEY:  Again, I will leave announcements to the President.

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