Farewell to a Friend: Andrew Breitbart

By Matt Welch, Reason - March 1, 2012

It was always funny to many of his friends that Andrew Breitbart, after he became famous, was probably most famous for being a 100 percent polarizing political lightning rod. The reason that was funny was two-fold: He didn't actually have strong philosophical/policy beliefs - at all- and he was always perfectly comfortable and perfectly welcome in ideologically and culturally diverse settings. Like myL .A. backyard (pictured), dozens of times.

That doesn't mean the guy stumbled accidentally into politcal conflict. He lived for it. He was genuinely, convincingly,overwhelmingly outraged at the workaday biases of liberal media,academia, and entertainment, and always positioned himself smackdab in the center of it. He'd be in the middle of some hilariousstory about trying to do unspeakable things at some Irvine Meadowsconcert in the 1980s, and then if the conversation got steeredtoward the media, his eyes would narrow and redden, his face wouldgo purplish, and Breitbart-Hulk would take over. Here's how Idescribed one such face-reddening moment in a 2004 Reason column:

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