November 1, 2011

Obama's One-Term Proposition

Reince Priebus, Politico

Take the president at his word. Specifically, these words on the economy from February 2009: “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

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October 26, 2011
The Real Luddites
David Harsanyi, Washington Examiner

Have you noticed that any person who exhibits any skepticism about global warming alarmism will, sooner or later, be called a Luddite? “Are you a Luddite, a troglodyte? Are you a part of ‘The Planet of the Apes’... more ››

October 26, 2011
Joe Biden: Beltway Bubble Boy
Michelle Malkin, Townhall

Last fall, before the midterm shellacking, Vice President Joe Biden admonished rank-and-file Democratic voters to "stop whining." Uncle Tough Guy should practice what he screeches. The 2012 campaign has barely begun, but Biden's... more ››

October 26, 2011
Nation Suffers, Obama Plays Talk Show Quipster
David Zurawik, BaltSun

As citizens camp out on the streets of American cities to try and express their anger and frustration at the way the country and his administration have failed them, President Obama goes on TV to trade scripted quips with the... more ››

October 26, 2011
Obama Jobs Act Would Produce Results
Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times

Students of the sciences can generally tell the difference between action and motion. The first produces results; the second is often designed to avoid results.For a laboratory experiment in how to spot the distinction, let's... more ››