Palin Was Right to Forgo Presidential Run

By Washington Examiner, Washington Examiner - October 6, 2011

With Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan and finally New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie opting out of the Republican presidential primaries, GOP voters may be tempted to let their minds wander once again to the greener pastures on the other side of the proverbial fence. Given their yearning for a dynamic candidate, this is somewhat understandable -- but only somewhat. It is time for Republicans to snap out of it, stop pining for a knight on a white horse and choose a nominee from among the candidates already in the race.

Doing so was made easier Wednesday when former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announced a long-awaited decision regarding her plans. Despite the pleadings of many of her most earnest supporters, Palin decided not to seek the GOP nod. While Palin didn't explicitly rule out the independent effort favored by some in her camp, her statement suggests she will devote her significant energies and talents to electing a Republican president and GOP congressional majorities. This was the right decision, though likely a painful one for Palin to reach.

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