No to the Keystone XL Pipeline

By Sweeney & McKibben, Los Angeles Times - October 6, 2011

When you have a job, it's hard to remember what life is like without one. There are the obvious troubles that come with lack of income, of course, but there's also a kind of deep uncertainty, the sense that you might never find work again. In a country with a threadbare safety net, that sense is doubly hard to shake. Which is why the promise of jobs is so politically powerful, and why it's so abhorrent when the promise of job creation is used as a cynical trick for the powerful to get what they want.

We've been working these past months to block the proposed Keystone XL pipeline from the tar sands of Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf of Mexico. We've won the debate on scientific grounds: 20 of the nation's most eminent researchers have explained in a letter why it would be monumental folly to speed the process of tapping that giant pool of carbon. It's also become clear that the pipeline would do little to enhance energy security because much of its cargo would be destined for export. And as a series of disastrous leaks in similar pipelines have amply demonstrated, the risk of running this one across the Ogallala Aquifer, a vast underground water table that underlies parts of eight states, is absurdly high.

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