June 27, 2011

June 27 Defense Department Briefing

The Pentagon, The Pentagon

                 MR. MORRELL:  Well, good afternoon.  It's great to see so many of the Pentagon press corps out in force today.  Thanks for coming to my final briefing.  And thanks to so many of my colleagues, I see in the back there, for showing up as well.  What a treat.  Even my family, over here to the right, is here.  It's an extraordinary honor to have all of you here, and a bit humbling, I must say. 

                Of course, I will have to be on my best behavior this afternoon, because both my mother and actually my mother-in-law is also here.  My wife, unfortunately, is stuck on the subway, but she should be here -- it's a long opening...

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May 15, 2012
May 15 Defense Department Briefing
The Pentagon

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