June 20, 2011

Huntsman Ready for His Closeup

Matt Bai, New York Times Magazine

AP Photo

‘I’m not sure there’s any way to be prepared for something like this,” Jon Huntsman told me last month. He was reflecting on his debut a few days earlier as a prospective presidential candidate: a gorgeous Thursday evening in New Hampshire when his chartered plane touched down at a little airport and a waiting Suburban whisked him off to Jesse’s, a hillside steakhouse a few miles from the Dartmouth campus. As the recently departed ambassador to China and a former governor of Utah, Huntsman has some experience with polite, state-run media and small cliques of capital reporters. When he stepped out of the car, he had in mind that sort of familiar scene.

What Huntsman encountered, instead, was a crush of boom mikes and jostling reporters holding their...

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