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U.S. Has Binged, It's Time to Pay the Tab - Gretchen Morgenson, NY Times
A World of Financial Ruin - Conrad Black, National Post
Impending GOP Civil War Over Debt Limit - Robert Reich, SF Chronicle
Formula for a Winning GOP Candidate - Jeffrey Anderson, Weekly Standard
Romney Bets His Candidacy on the Economy - Dan Balz, Washington Post
GOP's Female Firebrands Jockey for Position - Stephanie Kirchgaessner, FT
Bibi's Spanking of Obama Holds Lessons for GOP - Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh PG
Pay Attention to Egypt - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Is Obama Above the Law? - George Will, Washington Post
Fixing Congress: Is It Still Possible? - Rep. Jim Cooper, Boston Review
Hard Times, Fewer Crimes. How Come? - James Wilson, Wall Street Journal
When Punishment Is a Crime - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Violent Precedent on Prisoner Release - Rep. Dan Lungren, Sacramento Bee
Will GOP Voters Get Bored With 'Grown Ups?' - Elaine Kamarck, Wash Post
Boring Is the Ticket for Republicans in 2012 - Howie Carr, Boston Herald
Fallen, But Never Forgotten - Eric Greitins, New York Daily News
Memorial Day and Our "Military Tribe" - Mark Cancian, Kansas City Star
Sunday Show Highlights: Pawlenty | Daniels | Murray | McConnell

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Honor the War Dead - and Those Who Return - Miami Herald
The Order That Inaugurated Memorial Day - Washington Times
Passive in the Senate - New York Times
Mislabeling Kds as ADHD? Investigate Federal Rules - Boston Globe

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Guests: House Maj. Ldr. Cantor & Rep. Wasserman Schultz - Face the Nation