October 26, 2010

Public Focuses on Poor State of Economy

Mary Schneider, Indianapolis Star

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October 20, 2010
Dems Suffer Because Voters Won't Accept Reality
Steven Pearlstein, WP
It's one of the great fallacies in politics: Candidate Jones says X, Y and Z during the campaign. Candidate Jones wins the election. Ergo, the public agrees with X, Y and Z. Certainly there are times when that may be true, but... more ››
October 19, 2010
America Needs a New Direction
Herman Cain, The Daily Caller
In a New York Times interview last week, President Obama acknowledged that there’s “no such thing as shovel-ready projects.” This was one of his main selling points for the $862 billion stimulus package. He now... more ››
October 15, 2010
Obamanomics Paints Ohio Red
Stephen Hayes, Wall Street Journal
Two years ago this week, with a little more than two weeks left in the 2008 presidential contest, Barack Obama delivered a speech on the economy in Toledo, Ohio. His advisers touted the speech—on the most important issue of... more ››