Free Speech Protects Bigots Protesting Military Funerals

By USA Today, USA Today - October 6, 2010

Albert Snyder is angry, and with good reason. Four years ago, a handful of insensitive bigots from Kansas descended on the Maryland small-town funeral for his 20-year-old son, a U.S. Marine killed in Iraq, and used that solemn occasion as a low-rent backdrop for a grossly offensive campaign against gays.

Down the street from the church, picketers waved signs proclaiming, "Thank God for Dead Soldiers," "You're Going to Hell" and "God Hates You," among other sentiments. Snyder says the protests and a subsequent website tirade from the same group, directed in part at his son and the family, caused him to become ill, brought on depression and worsened his diabetes.

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