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Slow Recovery, Slow Jobs Outlook - Catherine Rampell, New York Times
Don't Panic About the Economy - Daniel Gross, Slate
New Jobs at $100,000 a Pop? - Mark Budman, AOL News
Bell Rings in Tea Party Spirit - Steven Greenhut, Big Government
Keep Manufacturing Jobs in U.S. - Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Huffington Post
Ten More Reasons Dems Are Toast - Mark McKinnon, The Daily Beast
A Turning Point For Democrats? - Charlie Cook, National Journal
Farewell to Feingold? - John McCormack, Weekly Standard
Reporting From Pakistan - Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
Why Turkey Sits Outside the Tent - Christopher Caldwell, Financial Times
The Trust Thing - David Warren, Ottawa Citizen
The Fight Over Racism - Charles Blow, New York Times
Entitlement Reform an Uphill Battle - Michael Gerson, Washington Post
Dissing the Volt - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
A Crisis Gone to Waste - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
It's Time to End Our Oil Addiction - Michael Richter, AOL News
Military Learns to Fight Deadliest Weapons - Adam Higginbotham, Wired
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Finally, Some Justice on Drug Sentencing - Denver Post
Hapless SEC Can Now Hide Its Secrets - Washington Examiner
Kerry: Benedict Arnold's Yacht? - Boston Globe
Venezuela Caught Harboring Terrorists - Washington Post

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McCarthy: GOP Could Control House Without Majority - The Hill
Dems Take Lobbyist Cash as Obama Knocks Special Interests - Bloomberg
House OKs Gulf Spill Bill - Politico
Salazar Tours Rigs, Keeps Drill Ban - Associated Press