July 7, 2010

Will Tea Party Usher In Limited Gov't?

Jim Prevor, Weekly Standard

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Thursday,July 8, 2010 Will the Tea Party Usher In a More Limited View of Government? Conservatives might govern sooner than many expected. BY Jim Prevor Deceptive Gitmo Headlines The Gitmo detainee who pled guilty before a military commission today was no mere cook. BY Thomas Joscelyn ...
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July 2, 2010
Tea Party Movement a Growing State of Mind
Page & Jagoda, USA Today
The "Tea Party" is less a classic political movement than a frustrated state of mind. A year and a half after the idea of a Tea Party burst into view, three of 10 Americans describe themselves in the USA TODAY/Gallup Poll as... more ››
June 28, 2010
The Uniqueness of American Populism
Henry Olsen, National Affairs
On February 19, 2009, business journalist Rick Santelli inadvertently helped launch a populist movement. Appearing on the cable network CNBC from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Santelli spoke of rising public anger... more ››
June 26, 2010
"Tea Party" is Not a Shoo-In
Los Angeles Times
NEWS ANALYSIS "Tea party” activists, protesting in San Francisco in May, have yet to prove whether they can accomplish more than raising a sizable ruckus. (Justin Sullivan, Getty Images / May 25,... more ››