Carly Fiorina Means Business

By Frank Bruni, New York Times Magazine - June 4, 2010

WARM-UP Carly Fiorina got her feet on the campaign trail in January 2008 as an early supporter of John McCain, but not without a few missteps.

On a cloudless spring afternoon, Carly Fiorina strode onto an outdoor stage in Pleasanton, Calif., with the happy, hungry expression of someone not just confident of an enthusiastic reception but counting on one. She surveyed a riot of signs artful and artless — “Give us liberty, not debt,” “Pelosi’s gavel is the new health care colonoscopy” — and beamed. For the stemwinder on bloated government that she was about to deliver, there was probably no better audience than these thousands of angry rebels, spread across acres of fairgrounds near San Jose for a special Tea Party rally. And there was definitely no better date than this one: April 15. Tax day.


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