A Confident Cameron Looks the Part

By The Telegraph, The Telegraph - April 30, 2010

This was David Cameron’s moment, and he took it. As he said during the third and final televised debate between the party leaders, Gordon Brown has had his chance: it is too late now to promise reforms he should have introduced years ago. For all that the Prime Minister tried to frighten the voters, he could not escape his own record. It was, as the Tory leader said, “desperate stuff” from a desperate man.

None the less, Mr Brown demonstrated a surprising resilience, given what he endured in Rochdale on Wednesday. His language was telling: “uncertainty”, “danger”, “Depression”, “1930s”, “double-dip recession”, “risk”, “peril”. His message was that without him at the helm – and with the Tories back there – the ship would crash on to the rocks; he seems not to have noticed that it is already breaking up and in danger of sinking. This approach was designed to shore up Labour’s core vote and stop the Liberal Democrats taking second place.

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