Climate Change Alarmists Build a New Berlin Wall

By Peter Foster, National Post - November 6, 2009

By Peter Foster


his week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the U.S. Congressthat inaction on climate change amounted to a new "Berlin Wall"� of"short- sighted self-interest."�Ms. Merkel's claim was upsidedown. There is indeed a new threat to freedom in the offing, but it isthe Green Wall that she is recommending. It will span the globe, andthere will be no escape.What collapsed twenty years ago wasCommunism. What didn't collapse was anti-capitalism, which remains theprinciple driver of most shades of politics. The new name foranti-capitalism is environmentalism. The most important politicaltrajectory of the past two decades has been from the rubble of the Wallto the forthcoming climate conference in Copenhagen.Oneof the very few politicians who has dared to speak out against the newthreat is Vaclav Klaus, the President of the Czech Republic, whocastigated Chancellor Merkel for her back-to-front analogy. PresidentKlaus has declared that environmentalism is the 21st century's "biggestthreat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity."�Virtuallyevery other politician and member of the chattering classes is not onlya True Believer in catastrophic man-made climate change, but has spentthe past year bemoaning the "greed"� that allegedly led to the 2008economic "crisis."� They assiduously avoid the role ofgovernment policies and regulations in creating the crisis. Above all,they make no mention of the "greedy"� market's stunning success inbringing billions out of poverty since 1989. According to the WorldBank, global per capital income, at constant prices, has grown from$3,615 in 1989 to $8,613 in 2008. Wall Street bonuses, which have beenthe focus of so much Sturm und Drang, account for a minuscule portionof 1% of that income figure. However, the 2008 crisis is really just asideshow. The attack on greed has moved up a notch.Whereas theknock against capitalism was once that it impoverished people, now theclaim is that it is making them so fecklessly rich that they aredestroying the planet. Thus the new Jacobins of what my colleagueTerence Corcoran calls "climatism"� must "speak for"� future generations,who, conveniently, cannot speak for themselves.The trulyastonishing fact is that there is no evidence whatsoever either for theexhaustion of resources, the despoliation of the global environment, orany man-made impact on the climate. These are merely plausibleassumptions that have been easily cultivated amid the hysteria createdby the likes of Al Gore, who received a Peace Prize for sowingunprecedented international discord.Mr. Gore can pull off thisscam because anti-capitalism is reflexive and universal, and based on atoxic combination of economic ignorance, moral hypocrisy and consciousor unconscious power lust. Mr. Gore is also making a lot of money outof the regulations he is promoting.In fact, the new strategyfor global control was being formulated before the Wall fell, and wentglobal at the 1992 UN conference in Rio, which was masterminded byself-proclaimed Canadian socialist Maurice Strong. The success of thismovement is such that the Orwellian shibboleths of "sustainabledevelopment"� and "corporate social responsibility"� are now parroted byvirtually every democratic leader and corporate chieftain on earth.Democracyhas come under attack both from above, via the "post-democratic"� UN,and from below, via the manufactured voice of an activist NGO minoritythat dubs itself "civil society"� (and which Mr. Strong verydeliberately let into Rio).Recently, The New York Times' ThomasFriedman suggested that totalitarian control might not be such a badidea. "One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks,"� he wrote. "Butwhen it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China istoday, it can also have great advantages. That one party can justimpose the politically difficult but critically important policiesneeded to move a society forward in the 21st century."�Democraticpoliticians have in fact always justified much of their power from thealleged need to correct for capitalism's inevitable inequalities andlargely bogus "market failures."�As philosopher Karl Popperpointed out, this led to many of the recommendations of The CommunistManifesto being adopted in the West. The result was "welfare states"�that have piled up future obligations that could only ever be met viathe taxation of vigorous capitalist growth. However, such growth is nowbeing deliberately hobbled by the Copenhagen process.Just as2008 represented a crisis not of capitalism but of the "mixed economy,"�so the contradictions implicit in seeking to combine welfare statism,Keynesianism and climatism threaten the world economy with collapse,which is in fact the unequivocally stated objective of Mr. Strong andhis cohorts.If anything threatens a rerun of the GreatDepression, it is the conceit of debt-burdened governments trying tocontrol the weather via draconian regulation at the same time as theyare engaged in vast new transfers to developing countries, ignoring thefailure of such development programs in the past.Significantly,the new anti-capitalist thrust is supported by Mikhail Gorbachev, theSoviet leader who presided cluelessly over Communism's implosion but isnow treated as a skillful change agent. You can't teach an oldCommunist new tricks but you can teach him to hide his old tricksbehind new platitudes. Mr. Gorbachev continues ritually to castigate"blind faith in the all-powerful market,"� and claims that he stillwants what he always wanted: "the rational use of material resources,the end of poverty and inequality, and restored harmony with nature."�That is, the new green socialism.Mr. Gorbachev and hisanti-capitalist ilk always call for "new thinking"� and a "new worldorder,"� but what they mean is new rationales for dictating how peopleshould live their lives. Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reaganhelped bring down the Berlin Wall, but fear and hatred of freedom hasproved hydra-headed. There are very few who dare, like Vaclav Klaus,to speak out against the new conventional wisdom. With Mr. Reagan goneand Mrs. Thatcher failing, it would be a tragedy if Mikhail Gorbachevwere to outlast them ideologically, too. We must stop the Green Wall.

 Photo: East German workers expand the Berlin Wall around the Brandenburg Gate  (AFP/Getty Images)

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I'm not a huge fan of democracy myself;  democracy gives us things like 2 consecutive majorities for Dalton McGuinty, the Atlantic Opportunities fund, EI eligibility after 2 weeks, Milk and Egg Marketing Boards, short-sighted protectionism on both sides of the border, agricultural subsidies.....

If only there was a better system!

What Friedman left out was that 1) the rule of law and 2) a free press are indispensible.

Churchill said that democracy was the worst system, except for all the others. The same could be said for capitalism.

The environmental movement  will prove itself to be the most sinister of all forms of government intrusion into our lives as governments use it as an excuse to erode freedoms and oppress their citizens...just like the communists and fascists have done in the past.

It is no accident that as

I must commend you for writing so great an article about the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in the history of mankind, Mr. Foster.

Hopefully, citizens will give their heads a shake and realize the extent of this crime and severely punish all the perpetrators and their supporters.

Keep up the good work of revealing the truth about "anthropogenic CO2 causes global warming". If there was ever a reason to demolish the UN and IPCC this is it. Absolutely no science, just fraudulent models and politics.

I just e-mailed the P.M., and my M.P., asking them to keep us out of the cap and trade system, and away from Copenhagen, I suggest you all do the same.

Merkel feigns conservatisim but she is Stazi through and through.

... Inspired, strong writing from Mr. Foster.

... There is no way that the Canadian people have given our government the mandate to put our nation under the jurisdiction of an external legislative organisation.

... In Canada, we make our own laws.

... End of discussion.

Here's the list folks:

SUPRTROOPS, I just heard on CBC Radio today (I know...grain of salt) that governments don't read email, but they weigh surface mail.

Oh well, it's cheap enough.  I just sent a note.

Interesting the quote from Thomas Friedman: One-party autocracy may have great advantages, "if led by a reasonably enlightened group of people". No doubt, Mr. Friedman would include himself in such a group.The blog Small Dead Animals recently had a picure of his humble abode, alongside comments about everyone making necessary sacrifices for the environment.

The compound, along with garages/stables resembles a small resort hotel, able to house 30 to 40 people. It is this stunning hypocriscy which so endears Green zealots  to everyone.

Excellent article, Peter, and good comments, guys!

I have to admit that I was clueless to a bit worried about GW until I got a subscription to NP in 2006. Thank you, Peter and Terry.

GW is a scam and all thinking people have to wake up to this fact.

When in doubt, look at the data.

If Harper signs Copenhagen lets all vote Communist next election. It will be the end of elections and comfortable living but the switch can be made at once rather than a drawn out affair.

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