The WH War on FOX: Maybe It Will Work

By Linda Feldmann, ABC News - October 25, 2009

The Obama administration has taken a fair amount of grief for its campaign to marginalize Fox News, saying the cable network is "not a news organization" but rather "the communications arm of the Republican Party."

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus, not a fire-breathing conservative, calls it "dumb on multiple levels" "“ a distraction from policy messages, a boost to Fox ratings, and, she writes, "it deprives the White House, to the extent it refuses to provide administration officials to appear on the cable network, of access to an audience that is, in fact, broader than hardcore Obama-haters."

Stephen Hess, a Brookings Institution scholar on White House press relations going back decades, says, "It makes them in the White House look terribly political, and political means petty in our lexicon."

The White House has also opened itself up to charges that it is creating an "enemies list," à la President Richard Nixon "“ a charge made on the Senate floor Wednesday by Sen. Lamar Alexander (R) of Tennessee, the No. 3 Republican in the Senate with a reputation for collegiality. He also cited recent administration criticism of the US Chamber of Commerce, the insurance industry, and the insurance company Humana, among others.

Obama's strategy

Still, could the administration have planted seeds that could pay dividends down the road? Perhaps, says Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

"If the White House could persuade moderates that any story originating with Fox is politically motivated and hence suspect, it might reduce the initial impact of Fox-generated content," she says. "What the White House appears to be trying to do is reduce the migration of stories from Fox to other cable, broadcast, and print."

Fox has gotten mileage recently with stories about community organizers ACORN and green jobs "czar" Van Jones, who resigned his White House post after Fox and other conservative media pushed aggressively on his past associations.

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