Obama's Iran Blunder

By Peter Ferrara, The American Spectator - June 17, 2009

On its current course, the Middle East is headed for nuclear war. The only question is whether someone will act to take history off that course. That won't be the left wing extremist/narcissist we now have in the White House, who is lost in his own dream world.

Like Adolf Hitler, the theocrats who run Iran have told us exactly what they plan to do. They plan to build nuclear weapons, and use them to "wipe Israel off the map." They have said this plan is rooted in their fundamental religious beliefs and doctrines regarding the return of their God to Earth. They have said they will not abandon this plan for anything, not trade concessions, financial aid from the West, or security guarantees. Their conduct is consistent with carrying out this plan.

Is it remotely rational to laugh off this threat as mere talk? Can Israeli leaders responsible for the security of their people do that? Is that a reasonable national defense policy for an American President responsible for the defense of the American people, who campaigned on maintaining our security commitment to Israel in return for a strong majority of Jewish votes?

Of course not. But so what? That is the policy of our own intellectual elite, the Democrat party controlled national media, and maybe ultimately of our President as well.

The Tottering Iranian Regime

Last weekend's election fiasco in Iran revealed how weak the mullah fascist dictatorship really is. The record turnout with the incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad universally recognized as highly unpopular, plus widespread rioting since then, shows the people are fed up with theocratic dictatorship, despite the Potemkin, sham vote tally. The regime's fear of the people is further confirmed by the crackdown on private Internet and cell phone communications, and on opposition rallies. If the country's security forces reach the point where they refuse to shoot unarmed civilians, the mullahs and Ahmadinejad will be gone. But the security forces are not there yet.

The people are not in the streets because they are wild about the top contender on the ballot, Mir Hossein Mousavi. He was only on the ballot because he was mullah-approved in the first place, with hundreds of true reformers denied mullah approval to even run. Mousavi actually started Iran's nuclear program when he served as Prime Minister under the mullahs from 1981 to 1989. As President, he would just continue the mullahs' theocracy, and the nuclear threat to Israel. It would have been a good trick by the mullahs to let him win, which would have deceived most of the West as a fundamental turning point for Iran.

The Iranian people rallied to him only because he was the only game in town. The motivating factor at work is really disgust with Ahmadinejad and his trashing of the economy, his repressive theocratic policies, and his overly aggressive foreign policy talk, which has only stirred up worldwide opposition. But the mullahs stand with him because he truly represents their philosophy, policies, and religious doctrines. Ahmadinejad may also have total, personal control over the Iran Revolutionary Guard, where he originated, and the secret police.

Given this political reality in Iran, and the grave threat the current regime poses for both Israel and the U.S., if America were still a serious country our policy toward Iran would be regime change, to remove the mullahs and their theocracy completely from power, and to establish true democracy. That should begin at a minimum by following the Reagan Doctrine towards the Soviets, with American arms for the Iranian opposition. Sanctions alone would not accomplish much. But trade embargoes adopted in particular by suppliers of refined gas would further weaken the regime, and its military control over the country. That could be upgraded to a full-scale naval blockade, and even military strikes to weaken control over the country by the Revolutionary Guard and other military forces. These steps would be recognized as aiding the revolutionaries. No American invasion would be necessary, just as it was not necessary to bring down the Soviet bloc.

The Obama Narcissism Doctrine

But Obama is not considering any of this. He remains committed to the self-loving, delusional, Narcissism Doctrine he campaigned on. He is still planning to sit down with Ahmadinejad and the other mullah tyrants and sweet talk them into giving up their nuclear program and their aggression against Israel.

This doctrine is based on the utterly false premise that Bush refused to talk to the Iranians, because "not talking to them was somehow punishment for Iran." Quite to the contrary, during most of the Bush Administration multiparty talks proceeded with Iran over its nuclear weapons program through leading European powers, complete with headlines regarding the packages of aid and incentives then Secretary of State Condeleezza Rice was developing and proposing for Iran. The Bush Administration also negotiated with Iran over its activities in supporting counterrevolution in Iraq.

In fact, every President all the way back to Jimmy Carter conducted talks with Iran, begging it to end hostilities. But we never got anything out of it. Carter begged for release of the American hostages, but the Iranians held them until the very moment Reagan was sworn in. How fascinating that during his administration Carter the fool publicly pressured the Shah of Iran endlessly over human rights, until the Shah fell to the Ayatollah Khomeini and the Islamic revolution. But now we hear not a word from Carter about human rights under the far more repressive Islamic theocracy, though Carter is still running his damn fool mouth, even recently approving of Ahmadinejad's "reelection." This is explained by Carter's anti-Americanism, as the Shah was a loyal ally of America, while Iran's Islamic tyrants today are bitterly anti-American.

For Obama, supporting regime change, revolution, popular rule, and human rights would only alienate Ahmadinejad and the rest of the Iranian mullah tyrants he plans to cut a deal with. Any such grand deal would sell out the Iranian people, and the Israeli people as well, who would then be on track for Obama's Holocaust 2.0 by Iranian nuclear annihilation. Given his Muslim sympathies, Obama does not seem to be concerned about that.

Obama seems committed to continuing his talks with Iran's fascist dictators to the very day they conduct their first successful nuclear weapons test, and beyond. During the campaign, he even touted Roosevelt's negotiations with Japan before World War II as a model. Those negotiators were still in Washington on the morning of Pearl Harbor.

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