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September 27, 2006 Archives

RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

Climate of Leaks-Without-Penalties Must End - Ralph Peters, NY Post
Bushies Can't Handle A Dose of Truth - Joe Conason, New York Observer
Wag the Finger - Kathleen Parker, RealClearPolitics
What Clinton Didn't Do... - Richard Miniter, Wall Street Journal
The Iraq Issue Democrats Are Ducking - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Muslims' Complicity With Violence - Max Boot, Los Angeles Times
Lawbreaker & Torturer -- That's America, Loud & Proud - M. Yglesias, TAP
A War We Have to Win - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Michigan's DeVos Weathers Granholm Counterattack - Thomas Bray, RCP
Dems to Lose House--and Win Senate? - Mickey Kaus, Slate
Lieberman-Lamont Race Gets Nasty - Jason Zengerle, The New Republic
America's Growing Inequality Problem - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek
Big Business Loves Government - John Stossel, RealClearPolitics
A Bigger Security Council, With Power to Act - Ikenberry & Slaughter, IHT
Don't Play Politics With Kazakhstan - S. Frederick Starr, Washington Post
How Partisan Is Too Partisan? - Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics

RealClearPolitics Evening Edition

George Bush & the Fancy Theorists - Peter Mullhern, American Thinker
Bush's Imaginary Foes - Dan Froomkin, WashingtonPost.com
Estimating Our National Intelligence - Jules Crittenden, Boston Herald
Bush's Distinct Lack of Intelligence - Robert Scheer, The Nation
Clinton Didn't Kill Terrorists, He Pardoned Them - Joe Connor, NY Post
Don't Mention the War - Jacob Weisberg, Slate
America Would Wage War, With Jesus or Without - A. Shlaes, Bloomberg
Socrates or Muhammad? - Lee Harris, Weekly Standard
This Congress Did a Whole Lot of Nothing - Norman Ornstein, Roll Call
Hil, It's Time to Muzzle Bill - Michael Goodwin, New York Daily News


Democrats Seek Advantage - The Economist
Answering Political Leaks With Flood of Facts - New York Daily News
What the NIE Says - Chicago Tribune
Recent Events Make Decisive Case for Bolton - San Diego Union-Tribune

Politics & Election News

Bush and Clinton Teams Debate Pre-9/11 Efforts - Washington Post
New Campaign Ads Have a Theme: Don't Be Nice - New York Times
Democrats Snarl at Steele in TV Ad, but he Bites Back - Washington Times
Marriage Gap Could Sway Elections - USA Today
Why Some Republicans Want to Lose - Wall Street Journal
Democrats Seek K St. Cash - The Hill
MO: Dems Count on Minimum Wage, Stem Cells to Topple Talent - The Hill
VA: The Senate Forecast: 6 More Weeks Of Mud - Washington Post
VA: Allen Urged to Focus on Successful Record - Washington Times
AZ: Senate Race Doesn't Dwell on Immigration - Los Angeles Times

RCP Resource Center

O'Reilly Factor: Carville & Begala on Clinton vs. Wallace (Video)
The Situation Room: Interview with Hamid Karzai
Special Report w/ Brit Hume: Detainee Bill in House, Economy Perks Up
Washington Journal: Beverly Wang on NH 1st District Race (Video)