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May 01, 2006 Archives

RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

Blowback on the Press - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Unity Through Autonomy in Iraq - Joseph Biden Jr. & Leslie Gelb, NY Times
Looking For the Exit in Iraq - George Packer, The New Yorker
The New McCarthyism - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard
It's Not Rumsfeld, It's The Policy - Gary Younge, The Guardian
On Being a 'Bush Apologist': The Case of Immigration - S. Renshon, RCP
The Right Way to Put Heat on Illegals - Horace Cooper, TCS Daily
The Rape Charge as Weapon - Cathy Young, Boston Globe
No Defense For the Litigation Insanity - Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post
Our Pathetic Congress - George Will, Newsweek
Reformers Score a Victory in Congress - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Police Keeping Tabs On Ordinary Americans - David Kaplan, US News
Islam's Growing Persecution of Christians - R. Chesnoff, NY Daily News
Bernard Lewis: A Sage in Christendom - Fouad Ajami, Wall Street Journal
A New Strategy on Iran - Dennis Ross, Washington Post
Tony's New Job? That's Snow Biz - Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune
The New Face Of America's Highest Court - Sandra Day O'Connor, Time

RealClearPolitics Evening Edition

Iraq Three Years Later - Michael Young, Leon Hadar & Tom Palmer, Reason
Will the Boycotts Hurt Immigration Reform? - Mike Allen, Time
A Day Without Illegal Aliens -- How About 365? - Neal Boortz, Nealz Nuze
Marching in New York City - Tom Engelhardt, Mother Jones
Lack of Raves for Colbert Prompts Rants on Left - James Taranto, WSJ
Colbert vs. Bush: All Kidding Aside - Dan Froomkin, Washington Post
The Economic Boom Will Continue - Brian Wesbury, RealClearPolitics
Duke and Cover - David Feige, Slate
Helping Asia Find Its Voice - Philip Bowring, International Herald Tribune
Going It Alone? It Depends - Fred Hiatt, Washington Post


A Day Without Immigrants - Chicago Tribune
Economy Rising Faster Than Oil Prices - Rocky Mountain News
Iran's Nuclear Riddle - Financial Times
J.K. Galbraith, 1908-2006 - Boston Globe


Disbanding the Militias: Iraq's Next Tough Job - Austin Bay, Austin Bay Blog
Be Prepared - Matthew Yglesias, TPMCafe
On the Brink with Iran - Suzanne Nossel, Democracy Arsenal
Correcting Where It Counts - John Hinderaker, Power Line
John Kenneth Galbraith - Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal
Immigration Nation - Signing the OCJCE - Roger Simon, RogerLSimon.com
'Had Enough?' Is Not Enough - Steve Clemons, The Washington Note
Reconsidering Victory Conditions in the Wider War - Tigerhawk, Belmont Club
The Mission Continues - Marshall Wittmann, Bull Moose
John McCain Comes Through Again - Judith Klinghoffer, History News Network
The Bankruptcy of The Academic Left - Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish
On the Rim of a Volcano - Michael Totten, Middle East Journal

Politics & Election News

Sharp Reaction to G.O.P. Plan on Gas Rebate - New York Times
As Gas Prices Soar, Dems Ready for Political Profit - CS Monitor
Democrats Put Minimum Wage on the Ballot - Wall Street Journal
CA Gov: Angelides Has Work Cut Out for Him - Los Angeles Times
CO: Pro-Life Democrat Vying for Governor - Washington Times
FL: Nelson Adds to Campaign Coffer, While Harris Stumbles - Palm Beach Post
MD: Black Leaders Wait to Endorse in Senate Race - Washington Times
PA: Swann's Candidacy Creating Some Friction in GOP - Associated Press
DE: Ting Wins GOP Backing in U.S. Senate Race - Delmarva Daily Times/AP
'08: Sen. Allen's Journey Of Racial Conciliation - Washington Post

RCP Resource Center

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