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Moore: Occupy Movement Has "Shut Down Bullshit Discussion" On Debt

Michael Moore tells the crowd at Occupy Oakland that is thrilled the movement has virtually killed all stories about the national debt and deficit. Telling by the crowd reaction, the Occupy camp seemed happy too.

"We've already had a number of victories in our first six weeks, and let's acknowledge those victories," Moore, who considers himself a member of the 99% movement, told the crowd.

Among claiming that the movement has "killed despair across the country," Moore also said he is grateful that the media coverage the occupiers have received has practically ended news reports about the debt and deficit. Transcript below:

"There's something very important we've done. Six weeks ago what was the media talking about? All the politicians in Washington? All the pundits. What was the national discussion, that we weren't part of, that they determined. What were they talking about? The debt ceiling. The debt --

(in a mocking tone) "The debt ceiling. The deficit. We've gotta reduce the deficit. We've gotta reduce the deficit.

"Over and over and over, all summer long. The debt ceiling. The deficit. The debt ceiling. The deficit.

"Can I ask you honestly? When in the last time in the last few weeks you've heard them talking about the debt ceiling? Or the deficit?

[audience reacts by clapping]

"This movement has shut down that bullshit discussion."

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